I designed this series of images for the Audio Drama Company, ADC, to accompany their dramatic podcast, Willowbrook Revisited. The design was inspired by early American paintings. The objects in these images were sourced from my parents’ farm. The design process was spontaneous, based solely on the items I was able to find.
The following video provides a brief synopsis of the dramatic podcast.
Willowbrook Revisited
Ep 1 Willowbrook Farm
Ep 2 l’Artiste
Ep 3 In the Goat Barn
Ep 4 Father and Son
Ep 5 Linseed and Turpentine
Ep 6 Suppertime
Ep 7 Splintered Canvas
Ep 8 The Prodigal Son
Ep 9 Family Reunion
Ep 10 Pentimento
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