This collection of images documents a day spent at Pilot Mountain, located in western North Carolina. These photos were captured during the height of autumn 2020 when the air was cool and the colors of the changing leaves were at their purest and most intense. This series evolved from a single day's recording into a tone poem, a kind of love letter to nature, light, and color.
A pathway in a forest
Trees in a forest with red leaves on the ground.
Fall foliage surrounding a tree stump
Large rocks along a slope, covered in moss
Distant image of the horizon with a lot of sky visible.
A mother and a teenager looking out from an outcrop.
The top of Pilot Mountain with a clear, blue sky.
Pilot Mountain in the foreground with several other mountains behind it in the distance.
A view from the summit underneath a large pine tree.
A person standing on a large outcrop taking a photograph of the landscape.
An image from the summit showing the farmland below.
An image with large rocks in the foreground and fall foliage in the background.
A person climbing rocks with the sunset casting shadows on the large rock behind.
Sunset with a part of the mountain shown in the foreground.
PIlot Mountain lit un with strong warm light from a sunset.
Sunset over the horizon with colorful sky and dark purple mountains.
A person in a checkered handing from the side a cliff.
Landscape at dusk after sunset with colorful light on horizon
Valley under mountain with soft light.
sunset seen through dark forest at end of the day
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