Joe Van Gogh is a Durham, NC based café and coffee roasters. Having been in business since 1991, Joe Van Gogh wanted to update all aspects of their branding. The company wanted branding that was unique, iconic, exciting, and out-of-the-box. Once finished, I presented all of my work to the creative director and owner.  
The following video is a slideshow of the presentation which I presented to the creative director and the owner of Joe Van Gogh.
To make the branding and the voice of this company unique, I created a font family, Geode, to be used exclusively by the company. The geometric and circular design of the glyphs are drawn from the logo. 
This fun and elegant pattern was created help distinguish Joe Van Gogh in a crowded field. I kept the concepts of versatility and functionality in mind as I designed the pattern; thus, the beige pattern is used as Joe Van Gogh’s signature pattern while the variations in color are used to distinguish different packaging and printed materials.   
The packaging for the coffee would be a paper tube, measuring 7 inches tall with a 3 ½ inch diameter. A tube was chosen to continue the circular motif which appears in the logo, custom typeface, and signature pattern. The signature pattern would cover the outside, with information denoting the blend, origin source, and weight  of the coffee on the front. On the back would be a short description of the coffee and tasting notes. 
The last stage of the project was devoted to creating a full range of mockups to better demonstrate how the new branding would be used by Joe Van Gogh. These mockups involved everything from business cards and gift certificates, to shopping bags, to aprons and t-shirts.
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